TPA (Technical service in artisan bread making)



Bread is the main actor of our business and for this reason, we must give it added value in order to give an experience to our customers when it comes to buying.

There is a great challenge, the consumer is increasingly demanding and demands products with excellent taste and presentation, nutritious and healthy, free of preservatives and made with high-quality raw materials. To meet these requirements bakers have resorted to the recovery of traditional methods of production and have incorporated novel raw materials that allow them to respond to their diners. Pastry workers practice new methods, molds, and natural products.

We advise you to innovate in the offer of the business with the following trends:


Cakes and Tarts

Offer a selection of pancakes, bundt, multis, and muffins adding seasonal fruits, flavors in trend and diverse tastes. Why not think of an espresso pancake?


Rustic breads

For the most demanding consumers, it is important to offer a selection of bread with crusty crust, traditional aroma, slow fermentation. Simply rescue the traditional bread culture.


More with less ...

Beyond our expectations: Let's change our business, investing little.